Able Noise at Electriciteitsfabriek

In this live performance for the Rewire 2021 - online edition, the baritone guitar and drummer duo Able Noise strike a unique balance between boundaryless experimentation, physicality and tender folk intimacy. Staged at De Electriciteitsfabriek in The Hague, they engineer a minimal and visual performance using voices, field recordings and cassette tapes. This performance premiered during Rewire 2021 - online edition May 6-9 May, 2021.

Directed by: B Alexandre & S Garcia
Film editing and postproduction: MIND THE FILM
Filmed at De Electriciteitsfabriek, Den Haag
Featuring: Alex Andropolous, George Knegtel
Executive Producer: Bronne Keesmaat
Production manager: Rik ’t Jong
Production companies: Rewire Festival, MIND THE FILM
Music by: Able Noise
Cinematography: Roderik Patijn, Nico de Voogd, Nino Kennis
Visual design: Nico de Rooij
Sound engineer: Barny Pronk
Sound mixer: Michiel Eilbracht
Technical Support: Frederic de Rooij, Daan Jonkers, Kevin Strik, Florian Oele
Location manager: Sara Halbertsma
Thanks to: Stichting De Electriciteitsfabriek