Ben Bertrand performs ‘Manes’ at Kunstmuseum Den Haag

For the 2021 online edition of Rewire, we invited Belgian composer Ben Bertrand to perform a version of his album Manes at Kunstmuseum Den Haag. Shot and recorded live on location, Rewire is now proud to present this intimate performance in which Bertrand traverses the mesmerizing and versatile sonic qualities of the bass clarinet. This performance premiered during Rewire 2021 - online edition May 6-9 May, 2021.

Directed (remotely) by: Borja Alexandre and Susanna Garcia
Film editing and postproduction: MIND THE FILM
Production companies: Rewire, MIND THE FILM
Filmed at Kunstmuseum, Den Haag
Featuring: Ben Bertrand
Executive Producer: Bronne Keesmaat
Production manager: Rik ’t Jong
Music composed by: Ben Bertrand
Cinematography: Roderik Patijn, Tobias Buijs, Bart Mertens
Visual design: Nico de Rooij
Sound engineer: Barny Pronk
Sound mixer: Michiel Eilbracht
Technical Support: Frederic de Rooij, Daan Jonkers
Location manager: Yalou Slöetjes, Sannah Lasqad
Thanks to: Benno Tempel, Hans Buurman, Irma Benliyan, Roy Palm