Lapsus. An electronic love story from Barcelona

"Lapsus. An electronic love story from Barcelona" (2014, 12') is a film about Lapsus Festival produced by Mind the Film in Barcelona and London. It includes interviews with Lapsus crew and artists selected for the festival's 2014 edition: Shapeworship, Kelpe, Etch, Sau Poler, Alba G Corral, Oscar Sol, Alex Posada, Santi Vilanova, Eloi Maduell, Austin Wilkinson, Pau Guillamet, Jami Bassols, Albert Miralles, Abert Salinas, Carles Guajardo.
Music by: Kelpe, Etch, Fennesz, Ochre, Playmid, Shapeworship, Dalhous, Sau Poler, Olde Gods, Jensen Sportag.
The film premiered in Oct 2014 at Sala Apolo (Barcelona), within In-Edit Fast Forward events programme (In-Edit Festival).