Karen Willems & Machinefabriek present “Volt”

Belgian percussionist and composer Karen Willems is a serial collaborator, but hadn’t worked with an electronic artist before her residency for the Rewire 2021 - online edition in May with Machinefabriek. Dutch producer Rutger Zuydervelt works with drone, noise, ambient music and field recordings to create glacial soundscapes, eerie electro-acoustic environments and crushing walls of static. Check out the outcome of their residency in full now, filmed in the imposing Electriciteitsfabriek in The Hague.

Directed (remotely) by: Borja Alexandre and Susanna Garcia

Production companies: Rewire, MIND THE FILM

Film editing and postproduction: MIND THE FILM

Filmed at De Electriciteitsfabriek, Den Haag
Featuring: Karen Willems, Rutger Zuydervelt
Executive Producer: Bronne Keesmaat

Production manager: Rik ’t Jong
Music by: Karen Willems & Machinefabriek

Cinematography: Serhan Efe, Nino Kennis, Tobias Buijs

Visual design: Nico de Rooij

Sound engineer: Barny Pronk

Sound mixer: Michiel Eilbracht

Technical Support: Frederic de Rooij, Daan Jonkers, Florian Oele, Jazz Huf
Location manager: Chuckie & Eelco

Thanks to: Stichting De Electriciteitsfabriek