Live capture ‘Act of Faith’ (Sónar+D, Ars Electronica)

This project was part of the joint venture between Ars Electronica and Sónar+D, in the context of the AI x MUSIC Festival.

This live capture was produced in Barcelona, debuted in the Sónar+D Garden at Ars Electronica 2020 and was part of Sónar+D's line-up in 2020.

Act of Faith is a liturgy for four performers: Adria Grandia (acoustic and MIDI hurdy-gurdy, modular synthesizer, and aerophones), Carlos Martorell (programming, synths, motion sensors, and artiphon), Marc Vilajuana (voice, effects, hand drum) and an artificial intelligence trained with 11.000 religious scores from all eras. The AI listens to the performers and plays in real-time during the whole show.

A live Capture, also known as live-to-digital, is a live performance, event or experience captured and distributed digitally, where the content is recorded live but the distribution does not take place live, but rather after it's been edited.