MIRA Festival 2013 – Docu Trailer

This Docu Trailer we have produced offers a glimpse into MIRA Festival 2013; featuring its contents, artists and atmosphere. The programme includes concerts, AV performances, installations, workshops and talks.

2013 Line-up: Panda Bear, μ-Ziq, The Haxan Cloak, Ital Tek, Begun, Stellar OM Source, Letherette DJ Set, Ocoeur, Tiger and Woods, The Crystal Ark, Sophie, Dauwd, Lasers, XTRNGR, Pharmakon, Drömnu, Nobu_Lab, Xosar, Kresy, Electronic Performers, Roberto Fazio, Pussykrew, Liam Roberts, Slurp, Luis Sanz, Refraction Labs, Oscar Sol, Palnoise, Hieros Gamos, Loopneo, Yannick Jacquet / Fred Penelle (...)