Rewire 2021

In 2021 Rewire festival celebrated an online and offline edition adapting its production and commissioning processes to the changing circumstances of the year. This documentary encapsulates this transformative journey and captures the essence of the online and offline editions.


Footage online edition: the artists, MIND THE FILM, Roderik Patijn, Nico de Voogd, Tobias Buijs, Kolya Tirado, Bart Mertens, Nino Kennis, Serhan Efe, Milan Potten, York Tillyer

Footage offline edition: MIND THE FILM, Tanja Busking, Francesco Enriquez

Sound recordings: the artists, Barny Pronk and Michiel Eilbracht

Editing and postproduction: MIND THE FILM

Music (live recordings and comissioned pieces):
(Online): In Pursuit of Black Noise, Elza Soares & jaimie branch, Maria Chavez & Valentina Magaletti, YAMILA, Ben Bertrand, No Plexus Manicurism, Genevieve Murphy
(Offline): Loraine James, Galya Bisengalieva, Horse Lords, Lyra Pamuk, Music for a Busy City, commissioned pieces, Proximity Music, commissioned pieces, Hearing Like a Herring, audio walk, Barbara Ellison -- Forest Phantoms.