Tech-shows at Sónar festival 2014

This film showcases Sónar's festival 2014 Tech-shows, which are live performances with a special focus on the intersection between music, technology, innovation and science. Both the footage and the audio were recorded during the festival, held in Barcelona. Artists/shows appearing: Despacio by McIntosh, Imposition by Fabrica (Edisononside and Daniel Schwarz), Machine Variation by Bernier and Messier, Spectral Diffractions by Edwin van der Heide, Dance with Drones by Daito Manabe, Sampladelica by Matmos, Avant-garde audio by Tarek Atoui , Collision of the senses by 3QUIN0X, Subverticul by Audion and Vita Motus and Objekt by Plastikman. Thanks everyone!