Sonar+D Stories

This film is part of the 2015 series we have produced about Sonar+D, the International Congress of Digital Culture and Creative Technologies by Sonar Festival. In ¨Sonar+D Stories¨ we present some of the participants of the last edition and their outstanding initiatives, focusing on their experience and reflections about the conference and its innovative contents. Thanks to all interviewees!
Featuring: John Fass - Royal College of Art (RCA), Fiona O'Leary - RCA, Kendel Ratley - Kickstarter, Peter Kirn - CDM, , Jordi Borras - LittleBits, Oriol Rosell - Conductr, Laia Torrents - CSR, Amelie Anglade, Cenk Sayinli - Elektron, David Cuartielles - Arduino, Yancey Strickler - Kickstarter.
Music by Kiasmos.