Talks and Workshops
Sónar+D 2014

More than 100 global experts and 26 roundtable debates from the digital creative and technology industries were held at Sónar+D 2014.
Both the footage and the music were recorded during the festival, held in Barcelona.
Thanks to: Nikhil Shah (Mixcloud), Patrick Walker (Rightster Studios), Stuart Wood (Random International), Jamal Edwards (SB.TV), Stephanie Pereira (Kickstarter), Torsten Schliesche (Napster), Sputniko! (MIT Media Lab), Seth Kim-Cohen, Andrew McPherson (Queen Mary University), Tatsuya Takahashi (Korg), John Alexiu (Subpac), Victor Zappi (Victor Zappi).
Music by: Daito Manabe / Ametsub (live recording, Sonar 2014).